New product for your wireless home security.

We are exited to announce a new z-wave product for wireless home security panels.
BulbZ is the new z-wave light bulb that you can easily install and control with you security system z-wave automation feature. No need to install different ac outlet or plug in modules, its a true plug and play! Now you can easily add new automated lights to your Citrus Heights home.
BulbZ specs: 60 Watt equivalent, 9 watt consumption, Z-wave repeater and average life span of 25,000 hours. Here is another way to boost your z-wave signal between your alarm panel and a z-wave device that’s a little to far. New BulbZ works as a repeater as well, install it in between your security panel and last or farthest z-wave device, learn it and you done!
Here is the list of some of compatible alarm panels: 2Gig, Lynx Touch, Simon XT, XTI, Concord 4 with gsm communicator.