Its time to integrate your wireless home security with Home Connect Technology Locks.


Home Connect Technology works by allowing your door locks to wirelessly talk to other things in your Citrus Heights House, such as the wireless home security system, lighting, thermostat, and home automation system.

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Never give out a key again.



  • Remotely monitor lock and unlock activity
  • Conveniently lock or unlock your doors from anywhere
  • Let your babysitter or housekeeper into the house
  • Stuck at work and need to let your dog out? Give a neighbor or friend access
  • Create person-specific lock access codes and control when those codes will work
  • Be alerted when a door is unlocked
  • Simplify security system control through lock keypad
  • Direct control locks from security system to lock/unlock door while arming/disarming
  • Single button security system arming via lock keypad




Greater convenience and control

emPower lock control is fully integrated with your wireless security system, making it easy to manage your security system and lock users in one place. Keep track of all the activity that happens at your Citrus Heights property after the door is unlocked using sensors, motion detectors and video cameras.





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Video Surveillance

Save Energy

Home Automation

Garage Door Control

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