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Video Monitoring

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200 x116 cameraSystem alerts and notifications offer great advances in home and business monitoring, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually see what’s happening at your property while you’re away? Video allows you to do just that. It even offers options for outdoor and night-vision cameras to monitor what goes on in your yard, driveway or outside of your store.

Live Video

View real-time video of your home or business from one or more of your cameras. You can watch each angle one at a time, or take advantage of the Multi Camera View to see all camera views on a single screen.

Saved Video Clips

Easily set up your cameras to record video clips whenever motion is detected or during scheduled times. Then view, tag and search your clips to retrieve them later.


Video Alerts to Your Phone

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Using any compatible cell phone or web-connected mobile device, you can access saved video clips and even view live feeds.* Recorded video clips can also be sent to your mobile device along with system alerts and notifications.






How it Works

Your licensed security dealer can offer you a variety of security-grade IP video cameras, or even retrofit most traditional analog (CCTV) security cameras to use with Each camera includes built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity and requires only a high-speed Internet connection and a power outlet — no need to plug it into your computer or install any software. The videos are stored remotely on our servers at, which means that you’ll be able to view both live and recorded clips anytime on the web — or even on your cell phone or smartphone.

We also offer traditional digital video recording (DVR) systems for for residential applications. Typically they consist of hardwire indoor/outdoor cameras connected to a DVR that can be set to, record on a schedule, motion detection or all the time. The DVR can also be connected via high speed internet and accessed for live view from a computer or smart phone any where you are.

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