Holiday Safety Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

The holiday season is in full swing. Thieves, however, view the holiday season as an increased opportunity to take and steal.

Whether you are staying home this weekend or visiting family, I  want you, your family and your home to be safe. With these tips, you can ensure the safety of what matters most to you.

Make sure your gifts and valuables are not visible from the street. If a criminal can easily see what is in your home, you increase the chance they will be tempted to come inside to steal the items.

Put your holiday lights on an automatic timer or invest in our security system with automationThis prevents thieves from “learning” your habits by taking not of when your lights are turned on and off. It is also a good idea to put your indoor lights on an automatic timer if you are vacationing for the holidays.

Secure your home. Make sure all your doors and windows have functioning locks and install a home security The easiest way for thieves to get into your home is through welcoming unlocked doors and windows. Do not store a spare key outside.

Do not run extension cords for holiday lights through windows. Running extension cords through windows means that window cannot close and latch completely. This makes the window an easy entry point for burglars.

Have a trusted friend or family member pick up your mail and newspapers. If you are going out of town, get someone you trust to check on your house and pick up your mail and newspapers. Nothing says, tells a thief you are not home like a week’s worth of newspapers on your driveway.

Do not post your holiday travel plans online. Broadcasting the location or duration of your trip on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be dangerous. It may be something exciting you really want to share, but be aware that you are blatantly telling criminals, “I’m not home”.

Add video monitoring to your security system. Pairing video and security interactive services  allows you to check in on your house no matter where you are during the holidays. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Be wary of people going door-to-door soliciting donations. This is a common ruse used by criminals. Ask to see an I.D. that connects them with the charity. Don’t feel pressured to give, trust your instincts and never give cash. Call 911 if you believe something is not right.

Don’t advertise the gifts you received. Placing your empty boxes outside for pickup shows thieves what is available inside your home. We definitely encourage you to recycle, but be smart about it. Break the boxes down, turn them inside out, put them in your trash receptacle and don’t place them on the curb until collection day.

Hope you have great weekends and be safe!