Advanced wireless security panels that connect with HomeTouch remote security and home automation. 
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200 x116 camera

Add “eyes” to your security system with camera recordings of activity around your home at all times. 
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200 x116 sensors

There’s a wide variety of detectors and sensors to help protect the overall security and wellness of your home. 
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Fire and Heat Detectors

200 x116 fire heat

Fire and heat detectors gauge dangerous levels of smoke and heat in your home, even when your alarm is disarmed. 
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CO Detection

These sensors detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and alert Monitronics. learn more »

Keychain Remotes

The keychain remote lets you engage your system at home without being in front of your alarm panel. learn more »

Appliance Control

How much energy do you waste when you’re gone? Use HomeTouch appliance management. learn more »


Lighting Control

Create light schedules and automatic event-triggered lighting rules designed to fit your routine. learn more »


Smart thermostats can be controlled both locally and remotely to help you conserve energy at home.
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Watch/Pendant Panic Button

One click of the pendant’s button alerts our Alarm Response Center that you need medical assistance. learn more »

Kwikset Door Locks

You never have to give out a key again. Electronic locks allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely.
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