Smart Tech Security now offers Sky Bell for new level of smart home security.

 The Alarm.com Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera is a doorbell with an integrated camera, PIR motion sensor, digital microphone and speaker, enabling you to answer the door, speak to visitors via two-way audio, record doorbell triggered clips, and set motion triggered automation rules – all right from your Alarm.com app. You will always know who is at the front door! With a 1080p camera, motion sensors, color night vision, real-time alerts and Smart Home automation, the Skybell HD and Alarm.com are helping to create safer homes.  Smart Tech Security offers full home monitoring, including burglary and fire, and also offers remote control of lights, thermostats and door locks, including garage doors.

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GS3 is now available!

2GIG-KIT311-GC3_front reflect2


Great news,

We are happy to announce new 2Gig GC3 panel in stock.  GC3 Control Panel is the next generation security & control platform, the easiest, most intuitive experience of any security system in the industry.

Here is the list of new features.

  • 7″ capacitive touchscreen – larger screen allows for larger buttons and controls; easier to see and use.
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels.
  • One-touch arming – Arm button on home screen for one-touch arming.
  • Capacitive-touch buttons – Home, Emergency.
  • Dimensions:  8.9″ x 5.25″ x 1.25″ – thinnest 7″ all-in-one system on the market.
  • 5-day weather forecast – get your workweek forecast in one glance.
  • Firmware Updates
    Over-the-air – convenience of updating panel remotely to add new features and capabilities to the GC3 system
    USB – fast on-site updates to make sure the GC3 is up-to-date with the latest features.
  • 100 Wireless Zones – 40% more zones than GC2 to add more protection to a residence; no all-in-one panel has more wireless zones
  • 2 Wired Zones
  • 32 Keyfobs – 8x more keyfobs than GC2
  • 4 Keypads
  • 2 Open Collector Outputs
  • Wired Bell Output – connect external siren
  • 100 Users
  • More zones than Lynx Touch or Vivint SkyControl
  • Give users a name, not just a number
  • Assign individual schedules

GC3 front_Lit with screen

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Home Security and Automation with 2Gig and Alarm.com

Are you too busy to take the necessary security precautions to avoid any sort of unexpected trouble? If yes, you would be amazed to know that, now you can take the precautions, you need to take, at the tips of your finger. All you need to do is to click the actions you want appliances or door locks or garage locks to perform in your smart phone or computer and the respective appliances would automatically play those actions. It is indeed a remarkable way to take cautions for security issues and you should be adequately aware of the things that are made to make your life easier.

Technological innovations, like 2GIG’s Go! Control Panel, is now offering to help you in your way to take security precautions in your premises. The advanced home security packages come along with a control panel and are comprised of lots of necessary stuffs, which are suitable for the security purposes of your home, garage and also the yard you might have. The stuffs, that include door locks, garage locks and others, are connected to the control panel that comes along with the package and the control panel is connected to your smart phones, computers or laptops, which you can operate from anywhere. Hence, enabling you to control the door locks, garage door locks and other stuffs, through your convenient possessions and as a result, making your effort to take precautions, easier.

It means, now you can receive alerts, if the appliances as door locks or garage door locks are kept open, in your very smart phone you carry when you are away. Moreover, you can operate the appliances by locking or unlocking them, remotely; and, as a consequence, you do not need to worry about the locks, when you are in the middle of something important. However, you need to make sure that the security system of your mobile is armed, to be able to get security alerts and to control those devices, remotely.

Furthermore, you can also control lights to maintain security of your home by using your smart phone, computer or other devices you find convenient. You can schedule your lights, which are connected to the control panels in your home, to come up in certain periods of a day, in order to make an effort to make the unwanted guests, who might be seeking for a chance to break into your home, confused about your presence inside your home. And, as a consequence, they might not be able to make up their mind to explore your home and loot your valuable possessions.

So, you can clearly see how you can take security precautions at your fingertips and thus, make an effort to make your life simpler. If you are already considering taking a step towards such an advanced security system in your home, then you should start comparing between the dealers, which are Alarm.com or Monitronics authorized like Smart Tech Security.

You can also visit www.smart-tech-security.com and determine what to expect from a dealer, on which, you can trust.

3 necessary things, advanced home security system, enable you to control remotely!

You would be amazed to know that the home appliances that were really painful for you to manage, while you are away, have become so easy to manage. Now, you can control the appliances, remotely, if you install an advanced home security system in your home. An advanced home security package that includes an advanced control panel, like 2GIG’s Go! Control Panel, can be wirelessly connected to your door locks, garage locks, and thermostats; and hence, enabling you to control the appliances through your smart phone or computer, remotely, as they are also wirelessly connected to the control panel in your home.

Controlling door locks, remotely!

By installing an advanced home security system in your home, which is comprised of a control panel, you can control your door locks remotely. You would be notified with an alert, if your door lock is left open and you would be able to lock the door by using your smart phone or computer. It means, now, you can control your door locks when you are away from your home and that too, at your convenience. Hence, as a consequence, an advanced home security system allows you to take better precautions for the safety of your home.

Controlling garage locks, remotely!

You can also control your garage locks, remotely, if you have a control panel installed in your home. An advanced security system package, that includes a control panel like Go! Control panel, would enable you to control your garage door lock when you are out of home. If you keep the security system armed, the garage door would automatically close. However, if the garage door is somehow left open, you would get notified through alerts, which you would receive in your smart phone or computer; and thereafter, you can close the garage door by using any of your convenient possessions. Therefore, now, you do not need to worry whether your garage door is kept open or close, as you can control it very easily from distant places.

Controlling thermostats, remotely!

Moreover, you can control the smart thermostats of your home, remotely. To enjoy the benefit of controlling thermostats, while you are not home, you would need to install a control panel, which would wirelessly connect your thermostats with your convenient possessions as computers or smart phones. The act of controlling your thermostats, from distant places, would enable you to conserve energy of your home and thus, helping you to save electricity cost. You know how frustrating it can be to pay a huge sum of electricity bill, as a result of not using the thermostats of your home, efficiently; and hence, now, you can take better precautions in saving electricity cost, as you can operate your thermostats by your convenient possessions as computer and smart phone, while you are away from your home.

So, you can clearly see, how benefitted you can be, by installing an advanced home security system in your home. If you are already feeling encouraged in operating your home appliances remotely, then have an Alarm.com or Monitronics authorized dealer like Smart Tech Security, install an advanced home security system at your home.

You can visit http://smart-tech-security.com, to know more about the things you can control, by installing an advanced security system in your home.

Advanced Security for your home when you are away

If you need to go away from your home quite often, for business or other unavoidable purposes, then maintaining the security of your home when you are away, might be a serious concern for you. You might find yourself in a quagmire, by wondering what would happen to your precious possessions when you are away; and, this thought might bother you when you are in the middle of something very important. As a consequence, you fail to concentrate on your work.

However, you would be very glad to know that the critical issue of yours has very simple solutions.

You can video monitor your possessions when you are away

You can choose to video monitor your home or property, using advanced video cameras. The advanced video cameras would allow you to see live videos of what is going on in your home. You can do this by using your smart phone or your laptop, or by other means of your choice. This is possible, because the video cameras come with a built-in Wi-Fi and hence, the videos get stored in a server, allowing you to see the videos, anytime you want, from anywhere you want. Moreover, you can also see the saved video clips from the server.

You can get alert if your lock is unlocked, remotely!

You can also install an advanced control panel, which would let you know whether your door lock is kept open or close. Advanced control panels, like 2GIG’s Go! Control Panels, can be connected to a special sort of door locks, which come with a package along with the control panels. The control panels can be connected to smart phones, computers or laptops, which would allow you to operate your door locks, remotely, from anywhere. Thus, letting you, get alerts if the door locks are kept open and hence, enabling you to take necessary precautions.

You can control lights to bluff any unwanted guests!

Moreover, advanced control panels, like Go Control Panels, can be connected and as a consequence, be used to control lights as well. You can schedule your lights to come out in certain periods of time, throughout the day, to let your unwanted guests, like burglars, have a second thought before breaking into your home. This way of bluffing the people, you do not want to welcome in your home while you are away, might prove to be a very effective precaution and is worth giving a try.

Advanced security system for your home can play a significant role in giving you an upper hand in taking precautions, against unwanted troubles. Hence, you should consider taking the advantages that can be provided by various advanced security tools, as advanced video cameras and advanced control panels, like Go Control panels. Therefore, stop wasting any time and have a dependable dealer, like Smart Tech Security, install such advanced security system in your home. If you are still wondering whether to take the necessary precautions for your home, go to www.smart-tech-security.com, and check out by yourself, the benefits you can receive by installing such advanced security tools in your home.

Do visit the site and come up with a decision whether to use advanced security system for your home or not. You should make your decision fast, as you might not want to leave your valuable possessions in their vulnerable forms, anymore, while going away.

Video monitoring for your small business

Do you run a small business and having a hard time, trusting your employees, when you are not around? Well, your concern is totally justifiable. It is not possible to keep an eye on the employees all the time. Sometimes, you would not be around them for your own reasons. And, while you are not there to monitor them, they might get involved in lots of stuffs that might be harmful for you and your business. However, you would be happy to know that there is a simple solution for your problem. You can choose to go for video monitoring them and make sure that they do not get involved in things that are harmful for you and your business, when you are not around.

Advanced system alerts and notifications would allow you to see what is happening in your small business entity, when you are away. And, you would be able to see live videos as well as saved videos, which depends on your convenience. It means, you can view live video feeds which are taken by the video cameras installed in your business entity; or, you can choose to see the saved video clips at the end of the day, while sitting at home, having an evening break. Moreover, as you can get the video clips along with the system alerts and notifications sent to your mobile phones, the monitoring process becomes even more convenient to you.

Now, you might be thinking, how these things are going to work out and where the videos are going to be saved. Well, you would be glad enough to know that the videos would not eat up the memory of your cell phone. The cameras that you would need to install in your business entity, would have a built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity and thus, would require only a high speed internet and a power outlet. Hence, you would neither need to take the hassle of plugging anything with your computer, nor you would need to install any sort of software; and, as a consequence, making things easier for you.

It is quite amazing that a single step of embracing video monitoring, for your small business, can give you an upper hand in taking precautions, while controlling your employees. You might have tried to undertake various methods to keep an eye on your employees, whom you find difficult to trust, but failed. Now, it is the time to give up the things that failed you in the past and try something new as video monitoring.

So, you can clearly see that video monitoring is a very effective way to manage your staffs; however, before jumping into a conclusion of buying the package, you need to carefully judge, which dealer to go for. To avoid any sort of further hassle, you should consider going for an Alarm.com licensed security dealer, like Smart Tech Security. You can go to their site, www.smart-tech-security.com, and go through the benefits you would be able to enjoy by trusting them. You would, therefore, be able to judge by yourself, why you should go for an About.com licensed security dealer.

Video monitoring is a very effective step to monitor the employees of your small business and hence, you should go for it to enjoy the benefits that it offers. However, if you do not go for a trustworthy dealer, which is Alarm.com licensed, like Smart Tech Security, then you might face trouble in future. So, be very careful while making a decision.


Embracing interactive home security for better precaution.

You would be amazed to know the things you can do by installing a security control panel in your home. By proper utilization of the technology, you would be able to do things like, arming or disarming your security system; remotely control your locks; get email or text alerts when your children return home from school; open your home to specific people; and, a lot more! And, you can do all these, just by operating your convenient appliances as smart phones, tablets, computers or others. Moreover, you can use any operating system as Mac, Windows, or Android to take advantage of the technology.

It must be truly hard for you to believe, to be able to do so many things at your fingertips and you are expected to be very curious to know more about the remarkable technology, which can be used to make your life a lot easier. And, you do deserve a chance to be more aware about the technology, before you finally jump to conclusion of installing it.

To utilize the stunning technology, you would need to install an advanced security control panel, which would connect to HomeTouch remote security and home automation. You would be able to operate this control panel with your convenient belongings as smart phones, tablets and others, regardless of the operating system they use. And, through the control panel, you would get a chance to operate the appliances of your home, by saving the energy of your lights; controlling the temperature of your air conditioners, by controlling door locks; by controlling garage door locks; and, others.

Now, you might find yourself in a quagmire, by thinking, how is that going to work. To enjoy the benefits of this interactive home security, you would need to buy a home security package. There are different packages which would allow you to choose the appliances you want to connect with the control panel. The appliances, as door locks, garage door locks, lights etc, would therefore, be connected to the control panel and hence, you would be able to control them by a remote, which can be the smart phone or the computer you have. It is a very easy and effective way to maintain security of your house, once you are done installing the security system.

Using a control panel as a security system for your home is indeed a smart choice, for ensuring security precautions and as a consequence, making a better effort to care your near ones. However, you should be very cautious, while choosing a dealer of Go! Control Panel security. You need to ensure the reliability of the dealers, by seeing whether they are a Monitronics authorized dealer, an Alarm.com dealer, or a 2GIG Technologies dealer like Smart Tech Security or not. You can visit their website, www.smart-tech-security.com, to better understand what to expect from a dealer of such technology. You would also get answers to many of the queries that might be reeling in your mind right now.

Do visit the site and go through the benefits you can enjoy through the use of the technology as a security system. Make sure to be aware of the technology as a whole, before jumping to a conclusion.

Holiday Safety Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

The holiday season is in full swing. Thieves, however, view the holiday season as an increased opportunity to take and steal.

Whether you are staying home this weekend or visiting family, I  want you, your family and your home to be safe. With these tips, you can ensure the safety of what matters most to you.

Make sure your gifts and valuables are not visible from the street. If a criminal can easily see what is in your home, you increase the chance they will be tempted to come inside to steal the items.

Put your holiday lights on an automatic timer or invest in our alarm.com security system with automationThis prevents thieves from “learning” your habits by taking not of when your lights are turned on and off. It is also a good idea to put your indoor lights on an automatic timer if you are vacationing for the holidays.

Secure your home. Make sure all your doors and windows have functioning locks and install a home security The easiest way for thieves to get into your home is through welcoming unlocked doors and windows. Do not store a spare key outside.

Do not run extension cords for holiday lights through windows. Running extension cords through windows means that window cannot close and latch completely. This makes the window an easy entry point for burglars.

Have a trusted friend or family member pick up your mail and newspapers. If you are going out of town, get someone you trust to check on your house and pick up your mail and newspapers. Nothing says, tells a thief you are not home like a week’s worth of newspapers on your driveway.

Do not post your holiday travel plans online. Broadcasting the location or duration of your trip on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be dangerous. It may be something exciting you really want to share, but be aware that you are blatantly telling criminals, “I’m not home”.

Add video monitoring to your security system. Pairing video and security interactive services  allows you to check in on your house no matter where you are during the holidays. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Be wary of people going door-to-door soliciting donations. This is a common ruse used by criminals. Ask to see an I.D. that connects them with the charity. Don’t feel pressured to give, trust your instincts and never give cash. Call 911 if you believe something is not right.

Don’t advertise the gifts you received. Placing your empty boxes outside for pickup shows thieves what is available inside your home. We definitely encourage you to recycle, but be smart about it. Break the boxes down, turn them inside out, put them in your trash receptacle and don’t place them on the curb until collection day.

Hope you have great weekends and be safe!


Secure Your Home and Family by “Knowing” Your Burglars


The most common crime in the United States today is home burglary. Criminals take advantage of their victims’ low security houses and take possession of items that can turn into fast cash.

Did you know?

  • Over 2,000,000 home burglaries occur in the United States every year.
  • The most common entry of burglars to your home are through open/ unlocked windows or doors.
  • About 66 percent of all reported burglaries are home break-ins.
  • The highest percentage of burglaries occur in summer.
  • Homes without security systems have a 300 percent higher chance of being targeted.

Check out this  facts about burglars.

  • Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed.
  • 2.5 million+ home intrusions are committed each year.
  • Only 17 percent of the homes in the U.S. have a security system.
  • 2,500+ cars are stolen per day…this is almost two cars a minute.
  • Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S.
  • One out of three residential assaults are a result of a burglary.
  • 85 percent of break-ins are from non-professionals that are usually more desperate and dangerous.
  • People want security as well as need peace of mind.
  • Insurance agencies can offer discounts of up to 20 percent for auto insurance when a home security system is installed.
  • Home security statistics tell us that 95 percent of break-ins needed some amount of force to break-in.
  • Thieves prefer easy access, usually through unlocked doors or windows.
  • Home security statistics tell us that the type of tools used to break-in are usually simple, from a screwdriver, to pliers, pry bars, and small hammers.
  • Police usually only clear 13 percent of all reported burglaries due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence.

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Apple watch app is here people!

Here are just a few of the things our app lets you do.

• View all of your Sacramento home’s key devices in one app

• Check the status of important devices in a Glance

• Arm or disarm your  wireless security system with a tap

• Control access remotely with smart locks and garage doors

• Adjust your smart thermostat from your wrist

• Turn your lights on and off with a tap

• See important activity at home with video monitoring

• Respond easily to alerts with Actionable Notifications

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