2Gig introduces new GC3 model at ISC West 2014

We are so excited to unveil the GC3  home control system, broadcasting on-board WI-FI, Bluetooth and a couple of really cool new features.

NEW 7-inch touchpanel incorporates WI-FI, ideal for remote firmware upgrades. WI-FI also will be useful for delivering Internet service to the panel and integrating certain WI-FI devices, which are getting so popular with consumers.

Bluetooth Low Energy radio is added to GC3, which could be used for proximity detection, say, to arm and disarm your security system.

2GIG has made the GC3 user-upgradeable for new generation of cellular service by creating a mechanism for consumers to swap out radios on their own. A slot on the side of the panel slides and the customer simply pops out the old radio and replaces it with the new.

USB port to the top of the panel for adding any number of new features in the future. A USB camera, for example, could be connected atop of the panel, sapping pictures of anyone who arms or disarms the system.  And here is new feature that could connect  ZigBee or Lutron Clear Connect radio to the panel to integrate with a vast array of additional products beyond Z-WAVE, WI-FI and Bluetooth.

New hardware updates, 2Gig has refined its user interface and exploited the larger real estate. Gone are the cryptic and buried buttons like “Service” and “Z-WAVE”. Automation is now simply featured on the home screen.